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All right, time to be less of a douche and at least give you guys some hands up around here...

First of, you all must have noticed that I kinda "FLOOOOOOOODED" you with almost daily updates of entire issues of my zine, amIright? Well, this is about to end and I better let you guys know before I break some hearts.

What I'm trying to say - that I think I already mentioned, but better safe than sorry - is that from issue 7 on, the zine will be updated twice a week - Mondays and Fridays- and that it will get head -to-head with my actual zine, the one I make in portuguese before getting it translated to you all.

It's important to share that this will be always updated AFTER the original is set and all done, so I'm sharing this before I get a disease and die sudden and you guys are left without my fabulous comics to supply some happyness to your empty lifes and and... Jesus, that sounded awesome, shame it was just a retarded joke >:I

Anyway, that's it. Updating in a few. Love you and bla bla blah. Better get my arse back to the comics now >:III


~perca, the best thing ever after sliced bread and cherry coke! - yeah, riiiiight

posted by perca on January 20th, 2010, 5:22 pm   ||   1 comments

Better later than never

Wow, it took me forever to start this thing, so I better make it at least awesome.

This is a dummy thing, I plan on uploading colored pages later on somewhere else, but I had to check if it was worth it - by that I mean, if I have actually an audience for the kind of comics I produce.

I left =BT! behind for a while, but I can garantee you beloved reader at least 9 issues of this zine, since they're already by my side, right here in Brazil, just waiting to be translated.

Well, less chat, more art. For now I give you guys a large bite of pages, but I plan on slow down the updates to make you all hate me to death but keep on checking my things.

Glasses on!

posted by perca on January 13th, 2010, 5:30 pm   ||   1 comments